Boulder City Council endorsements: 6 candidates prepared to implement flood mitigation

Boulder City Council Endorsements:  The South Boulder Creek Action Group (SBCAG) endorses six candidates for the upcoming Boulder City Council elections:  Bob Yates (incumbent), Aaron Brockett (incumbent), Rachel Friend, Mark McIntyre, Benita Duran and Junie Joseph.  The SBCAG views these candidates as the best hope to implement urgently needed flood mitigation designed to ensure the health and safety of residents living along the South Boulder Creek floodplain.

SBCAG looked specifically for candidates who demonstrate they understand the urgency of South Boulder Creek flood mitigation.  Their endorsed candidates also have important and beneficial qualifications which will enable them to address other critical City issues including affordable housing, traffic, social justice, and open space management.

“Each of our endorsees has demonstrated their commitment to following the data and science when it comes to expeditiously completing the critical South Boulder Creek flood mitigation project.  Nearly six years after the 2013 flood and after decades of study, this projects completion is long overdue and is imperative to safe-guarding 1000s of lives in future flood events, which we know will occur” says Jon Carroll of the SBCAG.

“We are pleased to support candidates that can help accomplish our health and safety goals, and are also well-qualified to provide leadership to the City for a variety of other critical issues such as affordable housing and traffic mitigation” says David McGuire of the SBCAG.

Decisions on endorsees were based on responses to questionnaires, interviews, and individual discussion with candidates on a variety of topics.

The South Boulder Creek Action Group formed six years ago, immediately after the 2013 floods, to strongly advocate for implementation of flood mitigation as soon as possible.  Many members of the group live in the Frasier Meadows and surrounding neighborhoods which experienced extreme flood damage from the overtopping of floodwaters at US36.

“I’m excited to vote for candidates willing to pursue pragmatic solutions to a range of issues, from flood control to housing, traffic mitigation, and habitat restoration, by collaborating with CU at CU South” says Laura Tyler of the SBCAG.

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