Full Annexation Makes Sense at CU South

We like this column in the Daily CameraFull annexation makes sense at CU South, by Jim Martin, Boulder County Public Trustee, because it’s fact-based and reinforces a collaborative approach, which we support.  Here is the intro:

An annexation would enable the city to perform a $22 million-plus flood-mitigation project so that we never again see massive destruction such as that caused by the south Boulder flood in 2013.

That’s why Boulder city officials initiated talks recently with CU about annexation, seeking to mitigate the flood exposure of the South Boulder Creek. This land needs to be within city limits so that it’s not subject to Boulder County land-use regulations.

The land includes the former site of the Flatirons Cos. gravel pit. CU swept in and bought the land in 1996, engendering mistrust and suspicion between the Boulder City Council and CU’s Board of Regents.

Some residents and neighborhood groups may oppose the idea of full annexation, preferring that the city annex only the acreage it needs for flood mitigation. But that diverts us from the important issues, which will be the language of the annexation agreement and a completed site plan . . .

Read the full article in the Daily Camera.



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